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Macross Hopeful Misa
Source: TV
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Added 1/27/2006
Updated 5/26/2018
This is from the pivotal Macross TV episode #34 "Private Time", プライベート・タイム "Puraibēto Taimu". Originally aired in Japan on June 12, 1983.

In this scene Misa waits for Hikaru to join her on a picnic date. For once we see Misa really hopeful and that is priceless!

After waiting for hours Misa becomes worried about Hikaru. It was not easy for him to muster the courage to ask Misa out; however, even the best laid plans sometimes do not go as planned. While waiting for Hikaru, a cute stray puppy briefly keeps her company. Unfortunately, Misa realizes she is left alone again after the puppy's owner returns.

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