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Macross Flashback

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Macross Flashback 天使の絵の具 Sing!
Source: OVA
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Added 6/28/2012
Updated 11/15/2017
In this scene Minmay (Minmei) performs 天使の絵の具 Tenshi no Enogu (An Angel's Paints)! This is a truly beautiful song brought to life thanks to the talented Iijima Mari. Macross Flashback features some of Minmay's best songs, performed over important scenes and events taken from Macross DYRL. Included is a newly animated sequence showing Minmay's memories of her teenage years as she decides to defy her parents by running away to become a singer and before her fateful meeting with Hikaru. Also included is her poignant final farewell with Misa and Hikaru, which brings the entire original Macross TV series and Macross DYRL movie full circle.

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