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Gunbuster Noriko's Wish
Source: OVA
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Added 4/23/2013
Updated 6/13/2018
From GunBuster OVA #6 果てし無き、流れのはてに...
Hateshinaki, Nagare no Hate ni... (At the End of Eternity...) released on July 7, 1989.

Noriko is alturistic and has a true heart of gold. In this key scene Noriko explains to her friend Jung why she wants everyone else to live in the same 'time'. For the majority of Noriko's life everyone she loved and held dear, lived in a different time period. So, it makes perfect sense she wants everyone to live in the same time with those they love.

Her wish is one of the truest examples of selfless sacrifice ever exhibited in any anime. Noriko is truly an inspirational character we can all learn from!

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