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Gunbuster Entrust Your Life To Me!
Source: OVA
Layers: 2
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Added 2/6/2018
Updated 2/6/2018
From GunBuster OVA #6 果てし無き、流れのはてに...
Hateshinaki, Nagare no Hate ni... (At the End of Eternity...) released on July 7, 1989.

In the previous scene, the plan to detonate the Black Hole Bomb's slave generator fails. Without the Black Hole Bomb the aliens will exterminate all of mankind. Noriko bravely decides to sacrifice her Buster Machine's generator to activate the bomb; but, if she does this she will become stranded in space. Unexpectedly Kazumi combines with Noriko's BM in the hopes a second generator will enable them to travel home. Together they travel deep into the heart of Jupiter.

In this shot after Noriko tears off Gunbuster's armor and pulls out its 'heart', she overloads Gunbuster's collapsing generators and SLAMS it into the Black Hole Bomb's slave generator! Can Gunbuster create the greatest miracle in the history of mankind? Or will the mighty Gunbuster also get caught in the massive blackhole and be lost forever?!

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