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Macross Brave Hikaru
Source: TV
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Added 3/22/2018
Updated 9/25/2018
This is from the classic Macross TV episode #1 "Booby Trap" ブービー·トラップ "Būbī Torappu". Originally aired in Japan on October 3, 1982.

In this scene Hikaru a civilian pilot is ordered to pilot the VT102 for the first time. The valkryie bursts high above the clouds with ease. Hikaru experiences the exhilarating rush of flying the powerful valkryie that his good friend and mentor Roy described as out of this world. Unfortunately his joy ride is interrupted as he is shot at by enemy fire. Hikarus' nerves are shaken but thankfully he is unharmed. His mentor Roy Fokker calms him and Hikaru flies into his first battle.

Hikaru is amazed when he discovers the secret of the transforming valkryie. Also in this episode is his fateful first meeting with a girl named, Minmay.

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