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GUNBUSTER - トップをねらえ! is a masterpiece showcasing some of Japan's greatest anime talents. People such as Okada Toshio (story/screenplay), Anno Hideaki (director), Mikimoto Haruhiko (character designs), Oohata Kooichi (robot designs), and Hidaka Noriko (voice of our beloved heroine Noriko)!

GunBuster is one of our most beloved animes. It strikes deeply to the heart of the turbulent trials and experiences many people overcome, growing up feeling lost and helplessly alone in this world. It is a joy to watch Noriko grow and mature into a strong, selfless, and compassionate adult. If you have not seen GunBuster, you owe it to yourself to watch this awesome series!

 Gunbuster Kazumi Cries

 Gunbuster Got You!  

 Gunbuster Kimiko's Plea

 Gunbuster Noriko Shocked

 Gunbuster Noriko Reflects

 Gunbuster Noriko's Resolve

 Gunbuster Noriko's Time

 Gunbuster Noriko's Wish

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